Thursday, June 11, 2009

Riding in the rain with my ninjahat.......Hiiiiiiiyyaaaa

rode for 2 1/2 hours in the rain today to try to get a quasi base training ride in. kind of foolish trying to redo base training this time of year, but i have to reset the program and go straight to the build stage.

so just a boring zone 3-4 long ride on semi-flat road as the rain made any dirt trail impossible. went out on wastch to foothill, down to 7th, across to draper? then up to the mouth of little cottonwood canyon and back home on wasatch. a nice square loop.
there i am in my new hat all ready for the down pour.
somebody has mad etch-a-sketch skills......

i really don't mind riding in the rain. believe it or not it rains steady in cali for a month or so. its riding on the road that erks me. especially in the rain. i turn on my "spidy" senses and get ready to bunny hop a car or turn on a dime or stop on a dime or just (insert witty dime remark here).
anyways i am very defensive on the road. been hit a few times already and am not looking to repeat that.

Intervals in the rain on my way to the moon!!!

it was a rainy wednesday so i broke out the snow/rain gear that i put away and prepared for a ride.

i first put on my space suit, but found it a bit too constricting.

slapped the fenders back on the vassago cause i hate tire spray in my face.

here i am all suited up in goretex and stuff.

even got the waterproof glove shells on.

today i was only looking for six intervals of two minute duration on a steep road hill, with four minutes in between.
short and simple, or so i thought. oh yeah these are done a max heart rate and also standing climbing to save the knee.

got to the hill and proceeded to push heartrate to max and go baby go!!!!!
the first two felt like i was superman and i was at lightspeed.
legs are now pumped to maximum capacity, the engine is finely tuned, mind is sharp like a tack(well a dull tack at least) and i am ready for the rest of them.

the next two intervals hurt. no i mean they hurt bad. lungs burning, eyes bulging out, legs barely getting to the end of the two minute mark and brain is seriuosly questioning this kind of torture.
i don't know how many of you have done max heart rate training, i mean real MAX heart rate. mine is around 205-210 hR. that hurts at that level and two minutes is a long time to be up there.
now the problem is not the two minute torture, its the four minutes in between that you contemplate and reflect on what just happened and what is next.
if you follow a geometric pattern, it winds up being correct. the last two were pure hell. legs on the brink on not responding at the end of interval, just short of puking, brain close to shutting off, muscles pushed to the limit.
this is the kind of workouts that my one of my first roadie coaches would want us to do. not the length, but the response from the body.
i need to get quite a few more of these under my belt too get my heart back up to racing speed and also slowly, very slowly increase time on the saddle back up to 3-4 hours for the longer rides.