Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seeing ghost and getting snowed on!!

ok i am a little freaked out and i don't know if i will be able to sleep tonight, but more on that later.

today was an easy ride all the way up millcreek road and doglake trail.
here you can see just how green everything is right now. really nice!!

packed a jacket for the chilly super fast ride down.

had to replace the rear rotor as the old one got too thin from use. yes i wear down my equiptment from riding. how many of you do that? also that is the rampage tire on the back.

yup i got legs!! like tractors, these pups can put a lot of watts and pass you on any sprint, just the knee joints are kinda wornout.

i dunno what to say here...sweaty arms and up the nose shot?

here is the sign leading up little big water trail to doglake.

the ride started off sunny and 62 degrees. as i climbed the weather got a bit cloudy and the wind suddenly shifted direction. not good!!
by the time i got to the trail it was kinda dark, but still early in the day. i pushed on. got a tiny little bit of sprinkles, not even enough to make the ground wet. the trail was in good shape and the pine needles along with the cones made it dry riding.

then i heard big thunder after thunder. not good again. getting hit by lightning is painful. don't ask.....
out of nowhere it starts hailing. i mean hailing hard and it hurt. i pull under a tree and put on my jacket getting ready to turn around. i only made it half way up, darn. then it starts snowing. no, i mean blizzerding. high wind and snow. yikes.
i am wet and cold, racing down the mountain, with lightning in the distance.

here is the trail before the snow.

here is the scary part. i took the above pic facing foward and then snapped the pic below over my shoulder without looking.....

ahhhhhh, what is that!!! i am glad it is not a pic of a mountain lion stalking me, but ghosts? spirits? i had no idea i was not alone on the mountain.
from the position of my camara, no way that could be steam from my body or fog. i would have noticed fog and taken lots of pics.
so ghosts of moose or lost hikers past where on my tail today.
the ride back down the mountain was intense, cold and wet. the snow turned to rain as i got low enough. i was not the usual prepared(somehow?) in what i chose to wear. at least i had a jacket.
got home completely wrecked from the cold and even after a hot shower i was still shivering. bundled up and ate food every half hour until i felt better.
i think those ghost chilled me to the bone today.......