Monday, June 15, 2009

monday millcreek with sally

today is my easy day. took the doggies up pipeline for a little run, one hour of saddle time.

i got impatient waiting for parts on the jet9, so i just put on what i had(to replace what i took off) and got it running for todays ride. kind of. the sram9 rear derailleur i threw on is bent and shifts rotten. i stole formula mega brakes off the downhill bike, they rock. borrowed white bars off the wall, whatever tires i had laying around, a bent front lefty wheel with loose spokes.....eehhhhh i just want to ride it.

so how does this race machine ride? it kicks trail ass. so i am soo not used to suspension due to riding my ridgid vassago lately. it is too easy, too fast, too comfy. then why do i think i need it sometimes riding the ridgid?
ok you can go faster on shocks on rough stuff. its just heavier. so split training with the longer rides on the jet9 and the road and intervals on the vassago? maybe, we will see. i like them both. but this bike will get me into trouble... too much high speed over rocks..
the frame feels short, because the top tube is shorter and i have kept the rest of the bike the same. i am more upright which is ok for charging over rocks and leaning back going down steep stuff. also my weight is farther back pedaling up hills, which gives me better rear wheel traction.

here sally is charging up one of pipelines steep hills. she is a trooper and always asks for "more"! she stuck to my back tire like glue. everytime i thought i lost her or the trail got too steep or rough, she was right there grinning from ear to ear. she even cleared the tight switchbacks saying " it was easy, i just followed your line"....huh.. there are racers that can't follow my lines. she is a natural tallent for sure and will be dominating the race circuit soon.

i am
posuer!!!! nice bike though

it is soo light for a sus bike

here i am goofing around. click on the pic and check out my mug...

the weather cleared up nicely and got a little warm for what we have been getting lately. a three hour ride with a few intervals up the hills and just zone 2-3 on the saddle. nice!!! good times