Friday, June 19, 2009

Emigration trail?? ridiculous steepness...muddy face dog.

took the dogs to bonniville shore line trail starting at the zoo parking lot. surprizing heat wave of 72 degrees, but it felt warmer. dogs were panting and had tongues out for sure. so instead of hanging a left at the top of the little hill from the parking lot, the dogs went straight, which puts us parallel with imigration canyon road. so i am guessing that is the name of the trail. please somebody correct me??!!!

these mormon wagons were parked there at the start of this trail.
so this trail starts off steep, but it behaves.

then it narrows and a healthy rut meanders back and forth making you have to cross it all the while climbing very steep. now i did not want such a workout today as tomorrow will be an epic five hour ride. but i climbed on.

this hill never ended, it just went on and on and on. without letting up.

you can see how ridiculous the view from the top looks. did i just climb that? whew....!
the ird firepro tire in the back was sticking like glue even on this gravely steepness. of course i opted to just spin up it in easy gear it was still a good workout.

there is a fork in the road that i did not noticed on the way up. looks like it connects to bsl somewhere. rode down the way we came.

clutch found running water half way down and stuck her face in the mud to cool off. this is one funny dog!

took a little jaunt across bsl for a while. mormon town looks to be in full swing with teepees, train, pond and animals.

farther down the trail a shallow mud puddle off the trail could not be passed up.
i swear she first did a bellyflop and then rolled over and over on her back. ahhhhh cool mud.

got home and gave muddy girl a bath, then i needed one and then had to clean the whole bathroom from floor to ceiling. how does mud get on the ceiling?

tomorrow we start at mill D and then visit 4-5 other mountains. we'll see how da knee holds up.