Saturday, June 20, 2009

Epic ride turns into epic chain break

the ride for today was to ride up on mill d trail then to delolation lake, down to mid mountain, across and back up a way i did not know.

that first climb up mill D was steep and long!! i was in granny gear, vowing to taking it easy the first couple hours of this ride.
mr. moondude is pointing the way up.
matt was there pushing the tempo right from the start.

gw "giantwarp" gave us a demonstration of how to ride upside down. usually that is my job!!

just a teaser of my new hammer team kit. more to follow after i steal some pics.

owww lala. steep and tough some of these section are.

but not impossible...i walked this one. wussy, but my knee felt good.

stoping at the bottom of the spine just after passing desolation lake. giantwarp turned around here and we went on.

a little farther down the trail my chain exploided. then again and agian in different links. this chain is a couple of old chains pieced together, but it was not going to let me finish this trail.

we stopped at canyons resort for a little bathroom break and warmup and back out.

this bridge is on mid mountain. this seems like a fun trail. i will definitely have to return with a map and run these again.

so chain split again and i sent the men on their merry way to finish the ride while i rode back across and down to park city to get a ride home.

i was able to talk my way into getting a gondola ride down the hill to the road, sweet!!!

one of the resorts

gondola view

view from the window

it was kinda high up there

i used autostich to glueup a couple of pics of the main lodge at canyons resort. turned out nice. i will have to do this more often.

so i did not get to finish but did get in some good steep climbing and fun fun downhill and flowing single track. the rain caught up with me at the end riding thru park city to the freeway, where i caught a ride home.

these two below and the first was poached from manga matt's blog.
desolation lake

the ssnow drift that was especially slippery and failure way a nice superman ride off a small cliff. also this is where rico heard some mountain lion growling.
notice my legs in pumped up mode from all that uphill pedaling