Monday, June 22, 2009

Doglake trail

monday ride with sally. i started at the bottom of millcreek road and met sally at the still closed gate. made it up to the gate in 18 minutes from the stop sign, which is smoking fast for me and hr zone 5.

the rest was zone 2-3. here i am at the parking lot of little water trail

hammer nutrition anyone?
sally doing some kind of impormtu stretching

sally stuck like glue again on todays ride. this girl is a trooper. this can be a lot of climbing if you do it all in one shot.

i managed to fall over not once but twice while going 1/2 mile an hour. i was admiring the great forest colors and plants and both times just plopt over while cliped in.

these next two are me using autostitch, great program btw. click on the pic to get the whole view.

sally must have turned her head and got a misadjusted head on the panorama view.