Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday early morning Glenwild

up early at 6am to join these guys at glenwild. good group, well matched and we "got -er-dun" in a respectable time of 1:05 with a few stops for joking and waking up.

timmy on something new......!!
cobes texted he would be a tad bit late, but got ready pronto mister.

manga matt flying some vintage trek jersey.

i was lacking torque and any fire in the legs what so ever on todays ride. i really need to do a warm up before these rides. we get a few rollers and then straight to a winding, semi-rocky uphill for the first twenty minutes.

timmys new(to him) ridgid 29er. this kind of bike is really the best weapon for glenwild trail. big wheels to get over the embedded rocks and just enough spring in the steel frame to absorb the downhill ruckus. suspension is just not needed and gets you going too fast when ya fly off the trail from over shooting a turn.

a midway catch up and chat. its still early and we are yawnny.

i still don't have this trail memorized so the descent was a little slow on my side, but very fun none the less. on the back grassy fields it was perfect. just warm enough to not need any extra clothing and the spring green grass roaring to life is just fantastic.

we had a relaxed pace today and enjoyed just riding in lush medows on the way back thru the single track.
somehow timmy lost a chainring bolt and split/broke his chainring. bummer, right before the downhill. he had to hoof it back up the short hill and coast to the parking lot as we pressed on.
we timed it perfect as we met him at the parking lot at the same time. how about that!!