Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flying dog backwards is much more fun

got up early and did flying dog this morning.

only we did it backwards and it turned out much better that way. better warmup and climbing.
met this silly sally on his single speed. OMG look at those white shorts. that is just begging for mud puddles......
auto stitched a multipic shot of glen overlook here. ryan is pointing to trails we must conquer along mid mountain and beyond. soon, very soon.....

finally got a couple of shots of meadow grass lands in glenwild as we are usually speeding thru this lush fun paridce of single track to take any pics

coming out of the flat and into a steady switchback climb up the hills
back and forth on semi-rocky trail for a while. this was funner than the front route of steeper rocky climbing.

all in all we finished at 1:45 in a medium intensity ride(hr 150-160)(zone4). the trail going down was fast, rolling and swoopy. climbed most of the time in 36x21/25 which is close to a 32x19/22. i am trying to slowly get back into bigger gears, but have been conservative due to my recent knee pain, which is feeling much better.

poached these from ryans blog. my jeff jones H-bars were working really well for me today and made this great ride even better. stick that tongue back in yer mouth before you bite it off sir!!!

ummm please tell me when my jersey tag is sticking out, i hate looking even dorkier than usual.