Monday, June 29, 2009

Temporary doggie house guest and millcreek flowers

this black dog is woody. he is a search and rescue dog like clutch and has that similar hyper play with toys attitude.

my boss is away for ten days so i busted him outta doggie jail(the kennel) so he can join us on trail runs and sleep over.

all the weeds in the canyon are on fire with flowers. you hayfever people should start feeling it soon enough.

shot these as i was riding my single speed this evening around 8pm. yes the sun is still out at this time of the year.

Solitude race course and a moose..........

first off i found this helmet in my closet that i forgot i had. its one of those big mushroom head lids that no matter how kool you are, well...its just kooky. and on me it is even funnier on my extra large melon. the only redeeming properties is that the crash value is almost as high as a fullface helmet(minus the face part)

did two laps on the solitude race course.
i knew when i got up this morning that it was going to be a low energy day. i originally planned to ride from my house to the mountain, up big cottonwood canyon and then do this ride with the guys but it is my easy day and that plan would put me at 5 plus hours on the saddle. too much for an easy day at any speed and especially for a low torque leg day.

this is mitt, he has a girlfriend that they do some epic long all day rides with....nice!!
here is nate, he wanted to check out the course for the wednesday night races he plans on dominating. go nate!!
solitude right now is as green as green can get. very nice. this will turn various shades of brown and tan all thru the summer.
we took a quick side route down part of the new trail "queen bess". the trails seems better tramped down than last year when it was first cut in the fall just before the snow. it still need more ride though. it is fun with jumps and small berms it is geared towards the freeride crowd.
on the last leg of the lap is a somewhat rocky section that has you indecisive about braking or not. most of the time you can just skim over the tops of these rocks, but one wrong move or loose rock and the penalty is high. i chose to slow it down a bit as ran the rigid today.
its hard to tell or maybe this is not the rockiest part, but at higher speed you can really tumble on the rubble.
at the end of the second lap, this big guy was making a crossing in front of us. at first it like ahhhhh a moose. then .....
he passes by the cars and he is almost as big as them. whoa.....big moose and a young male at that. when he gets to be full size next year he will tower over my van.

here mitt and nate discuss doing another lap. i am happy with two easy laps and call it quits as they go for another run
kind of hard to see but this big moose is just cruzing