Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crazy rain, then dry trail at hogs hollow

this was the view cruzing to the trail behind bike peddler. left my house 92 degrees and sunny. half hour later crazy hard raining, then it stops. luckly the trail did not get one drop of rain, only in the city.

meet these guys at hogs hollow and we begin with a nice two mile fire road climb.
part of that
looking down
the cross roads. from here we climbed up to jacobs ladder and to the top of clarks
on the way up
more up. yes there was a lot of up.
click here and see a pano of looking left over alpine and right over draper. its almost a 360 degree view.
from here we dropped down a fast downhill rock ridge, then into a fun trail with ton o switchbacks. then more of that but faster and covered by vegetation. our return trip up was via the new brocks point trail which put us tot he top of clarks and then a fast run down hogs fireroad to the trail head.

this was my easy day, heart rate 140 with mostly all easy gear climbing. hardly a workout, more just spending two hours on the saddle. fun downhill on the rigid vassago.