Saturday, July 4, 2009

Millcreek road gate now open, little water trail de-rocked and I took the wrong trail....

just wanted a 3-4 hour ride today of medium intensity. rode up millcreek road. the gate is now open because the sign says so!!!!
see i told ya its open and scary cars are driving way too close to us bikers.
i am going back to single speed training and kept the vassago in a 36x28 all the way up the road and on the trail. i could have easily gone up a couple of gears to 25 or 21 at the rear cog, but i wanted a good base experience for when i do move up.

there are three steeper parts on the way up to the top of the road and these were absolutely transparent in this gear. heart rate was 150-155 the whole day as well. the beginning of the climb felt too easy and not until just before the road ends did i even feel like a workout. i kind of liked the way i felt....strong, rested, able to sprint or charge at anytime. of course in a race i would have been left behind at this speed. would be nice to feel this way after a race and not so wipedout!!!
here is a crying shame. the flattening and removal of all rocks on this trail. it is smoother than it looks. just ridiculous as this is just before the parking lot and will increase speed of novice riders to "mach 7", unsafe and dumb.
instead of heading right up little water trail to crest, somehow i continues straight and the trail gets bad. here is a uphill gravely water running down the middle of the trail. with high psi still in my tires i could not clean this section even when i tried it twice. too slippery
most of the trail is challenging with rocks or angled slippery roots
a couple of parts are hike a bike due to the trail just disappearing into the river or so angled riding is impossible, let alone walking.
another problem is the over grown foilage that grabs the bike and stops you right when you are trying to clean a tough spot.
so after having to hike a bike and almost fall many times, i gave up and turned around back down the trail.
i was running out of time so i just did the big water trail "short track" five times and headed down the road to the top of pipeline and had a enjoyable cruz down to the bottom. the trail was fairly clear for the weekend due to 4th of july holiday.

i have really been enjoying semi-training and joyriding, but as time is progressing and the knee is still feeling good, i will have to buckle down and get back on track. today felt good due to rest last couple of days consisting mostly of riding the single speed with the dogs and only doing short steep blasts. and staying in an easy gear all day.

next week i will bump up to 36x25 and see how that feels, which is just below my single speed bike 32x20 for those that need that comparisan number. my 36x21 is just above the single speed. so i might be riding the single speed while building up strength in between.