Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Cottonwood canyon+ Big Wind=Big tired Legs, and i got hit by a car.

set out for an medium hill climb day. got more than i wanted. right off the bat riding down wasatch the wind is blowing strong and sideways.
here i am pretending that i am not leaning sideways into the wind.

the mouth of big cottonwood canyon and the start of operation tired legs. didn't feel strong to start off with, so with a cue from the last workout, i started off up the hill in a 36x28 gear. this climb is 14 miles and has a few flatter parts.
the river that rushes down right next to the road is ever so loudly calling your name to staop, get off the bike and cool off your feet or whole body in its glassy refreshing goodness. but i did not.
after about the four mile mark the head wind which was pummeling me from the start almost had me turned around, but i forged up the hill.
at the six mile mark i had to shift down to 36x34, because the wind was so strong i was going backwards. no really it was blowing big time. and parts of this climb has some grade.

i whipped myself all the way up in that gear to the top of brighton and considered doing guardsmans pass, but my legs had that shakey, crampy weak feeling and i knew it would just be pain and fatigue without the benifit for getting stronger.

sped down the hill and limped back home.
on the last turn up millcreek road a car made a quick and unorthidox right turn from the second lane over as i was midway thru my right turn and pinched me between his car and the curb, knocking me and bike over. i yelled, but it happened soo quickly all i could do was fall onto the gravel where the sidewalk would be if there was one.

the car behind me, stopped to see if i was ok, i said yes and he yelled that he was going to get that guy who didn't even stop to see if i was ok. i never saw either one again and limped even harder home .

i got a small rip in my shorts and a good size raspberry on my hip. clutch is sad that i got hit. worry is all over her face.