Sunday, July 12, 2009

Caught riding without a helmet by bob superbike

rode with trigirl this morning. just an easy spin, she got second yesterday in her triathlon even though she has had a stomach flu all week. talk about tough, most of us would not even get out of bed and she goes and races, gets second, beating many non-ill racers.

second ride today was a leg/core strength training up to dog lake with the doggies. i put the vassago in 36x18 gearing and rode up very slowly. walking pace to be exact. this is not easy as it really taxes the legs, back and mid-section. a bit tricky also navigating over the tree roots and occasional water bars at that slow speed. i reallly had to dig down and turn the pedals around.

the dogs love the rivers and jumpin at every crossing.
even at 7pm and overcast the trail was lush and inviting.
here my little one is getting to ambush me, but i catch her going into hiding first.
whats this?........"climb upon my knee, sonny booooy!!!" "mammy"
i guess mud is all the rage with the kool dogs on the trails this summer.
many flowers are popping up everywhere

bob "superbike"(stupidbike blog) caught me going up the trail helmet less and scolded me. i countered with "but i am only riding at 1/2 mph".
bob is a great guy and our fearless leader on the revolution bike team and he even has a secondary sponsor with gt on the "dirt coalition team".the trail is just perfect at this time of day
heard a bit of thunder at the top and cruzed back home. the husky is a bit nervous with thunder sounds and kept stopping on the trail with a worried look. a pat on the head and he is good to go again.