Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Same place, same thing........

why change now?....after working a grueling six hours. no really it has a physicly hard six hours, i jumped on the bike and you guessed it, rode up millcreek canyon road.
got to big water trail and took that to great western. up to the park city over look.

was sporting the hammer man kit today as it is sleeveless and it was toasty hot.
a little leg action for ya.

luckily you are spared the up the nose pic here.
ahhhh...close yer mouth, ya look like a "cleatus"
some of the trail is shady and nice. in fact all of this trail is nice. i really enjoyed pushing the vassago up the road and this trail in 36x22 gear. although being leg tired from working it was hard today.

here is a nice look at park city. i think it is actually mid mountain, but the view is grand none the less. go ahead and click on the pano to get the full effect.
raced down the hill in a recreational speed as there were quite a few riders climbing up. fitness seems to be improving as i did pass a lot of people on the road and trail today while feeling wiped out.