Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wind sprints on the flat and a pic of the dh bike

today did some ramped wind sprints with trigirl. she is doing a triathalon in newport, callifornia this weekend and already shipped her bike. so she rode my "ride to work" bike. its a specialized hr/xc rigid cheapy. its the only bike that would fit her. she normaly rides a 48cm tri bike.

at least today i could keep up with her on the intervals. ten, half mile wind sprints on flat. they start off slow in the same gear and slowly ramp up to spinning out at the end. its tougher than you think if your in the right gear. and on mountain bikes

in the backround you can see that i stole parts off the snow bike and got the downhill astrix huckster back together. man this bike is a blast to ride.
eight inches front and back of cadilac plushness that eats the ground where ever you point it at. i will get more pics this week of me riding it.