Thursday, July 23, 2009

6 am thusday ride and wrenching on my truck

met manga matt and chad to ride up towards the radio towers north of city creek. this was a short uphill rec ride with a few switch backs.

ok so i crack myself up sometimes. what was i thinking, does this look cool?

going down the jungle comes at ya fast. we rode the brakes to keep from surprising the trail runners that were everywhere on this trail

on the hill top the view is 250 degrees from the university of utah all the way to north bountiful.
this trail is done best in the morning as it will heat up fast later in the day. i will be going back and going farther soon.

the next part of the day was a train wreck. decided to change my brake pads as they where making that sound. easy enough job. done this a million times.
the last tire shop put on the lug nuts soo tight that they were like welded on. i actually snapped one stud bolt right off the rotor base. that sucked, but it was fixable. the next stud spun on the rotor. whoa!! thats bad.
had to take off the entire wheel assembly and attack it from the rear. here is the problem. the stud is connected to the rotor. the rotor is on the shaft and also held on by the brake calipers. the brake calipers come off straight up when you remove the wheel from the rotor.
see the problem. can't take the wheel off cause the spinning stud bolt. can't take the caliper off cause the wheel is on. etc.....i got a 60 pound brain teaser that won't come appart.
luckily there is a one inch hole in the back of the assembly and i was able to(two hours) to stuff a socket and some washers along with a prybar and wedge the back of the stud bolt so it would not move. yes i got it off.

then the car parts place gave me the wrong brake pads, i went back. they then geve me the wrong stud bolts, i went back. not once but twice. they then gave me the wrong wheel nuts, even though they were marked correct on the outside of the bag. all in all i went seven times back and forth to that and other car parts places. had to bleed the brakes also, because of removing the line to take everything off.

six hours in the sun to change brake pads. not nice, but i got it done. i cannot even imagine what this would have cost me if i took it in. not sure that i would even believe them.

this is half way getting it back on. notice i made a tarp to block the sun, by this point the tools were mot touchable in the sun. very hot!!
so the tire shop stripped these two stud bolts putting them on. that is why they would not come off. thanks tire shop dumbass guy.