Sunday, July 26, 2009

Short track, long track?? and over the bars

took out the single speed 96er today. after working a really physically tough week at the outdoor retailer show i wanted to ride, but was leg and lower back tired.

was just planning a quick hour of saddle time up the hill and ride down. started off stiff and sore. after the warm up i felt really good. the mountain was just flying by and i was standing and hitting the pedals hard. five days off the bike give ya a good rest, but not when i work that hard.
anyways got to the elbow and turned down to ride pipeline home. still felt fresh so at birch hollow i got back on the road and back up to the elbow.
this loop is like a long track course. uphill on the road, finishing in a fairly steep section right before getting some flat trail and then some swoopy, loose gravel dh.

did that four loops and then continued home. still can't believe how good i felt. but i was tired on the last climb.

the last downhill at rattle snake gulch is very steep with rocks and water bars. to add to that the millions(no exaggeration) of riders that get on this trail have dug out a substantial trench from skidding. its had to stay out and impossible to get out of.

my right earbud from my mp3 player popped out so i reach with my right hand to put it back in. yup big mistake.

i slid sideways onto a large rock and dislodged it from the ground with my front tire. the last time i did that i crashed and cost me many $$$ in parts. well the front tire cleared it, but i wanted to cut some speed and applied both brakes
the loose rock then rolled in front of my rear tire and sent the whole rear tire upward. now with both brakes on and only the front tire on the ground and on a very steep can see the endo coming.
i released the front brake and leaned as far back behind the seat i could get my weight. to my surprise my butt was resting on the rear tire and i was still on the front tire, but now gaining speed. and many rocks in front of me.

i grabbed a a hand full of front brake and unclipped at the same time. well that brought the ground rushing to my head and arms at a much faster speed than i wanted, so i aimed for the uphill part of the trail, as the downhill side was cliff like.
one quick roll that included a familiar sound of helmet sliding on gravel and i was left on the cliff side of the trail with one hand holding the bike from falling and the other on the trail.
many minor scrapes not seen in the fresh pic, but the felt not nice in the hot shower that follow. all down my shoulder, hip and both legs. even got a few from the helmet on the noggin.
all in just annoying pain that will remind me for the next couple of days that taking your hand off the bars in a tricky part of the trail.....maybe not a good idea.