Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little loop today

four hour ride up and over. i usually do this loop backwards and call it the big loop. today was up millcreek road, up little cottonwood trail to dog lake, then down mill A to butler fork, down big cootonwood canyon road, across wasatch blvd to home.

millcreek road
refreshing millcreek bubbling and meandering down.

self explanitory.....

this panoramic view of the trail going to doglake. autostitch gave me a 360 view of the trail in front and behind.



so this part of the mill A trail i think was not the right way so i turned off and somehow got onto butler fork trail. i really wanted niether, i was trying to get on mill D trail, but did not connect.

it was not fun as there was too many water crossings, unridable rocky sections and fallen trees. i had to dismount way too many times. and i do not think it is even a bike trail. i will consult a map and figure out how to get to mill D from doglake next time. it was a good four hours though. climbed millcreek in a 36x22 the whole way then switched to granny gears up to doglake for dessert.

easy spin

tuesday easy spin across 20th south to draper, up big cottonwood canyon road to wasatch then home. ho hum just getting blood into the legs. made a mistake a rode up and down 45th. that is one steep road right at the end. what grade is that like 200%.

the arrow says "go thata way"