Monday, August 3, 2009

Single speeding on Little loop and the right trail this time

feeling very rested today seemed to be more related to eating 22lbs of vegatable lasanga than to resting since i have not been getting much rest.

rode the single speed jenson usa bike today in a 32x20 gear. on a side note this bike is days away from being replaced with a access 29er frame. all parts will be transfered over.

millcreek road was disappearing beneath me. i was sailing up today and even seated spinning when normally i would be standing and grunting. somewhere after elbow fork after passing some roadies this guy on a mountain bike passes me. i think that i must be slacking and go to shift into a harder gear....but no!! i am on a single speed and in a decent gear(for hills). i keep up with him for a while but notice that although while i can heart rate will be too high for todays workout, so i let him go.
then i notice that he is not even sweaty. i am covered and it is in the lower 90's. so this guy just jumped on his bike one parking lot back and is sprinting towards the upper trails. i felt better but make a mental note that i need to be 2 gears higher by the end of the year.
got up to the trailhead in really good time. no choice when your rowing one gear the whole way.

the trail up to dog lake was as nice as it always is. this sharp turn followed by a steep/semi rocky climb i have not been able to do consistantly. it is smoother than last year but i still get hung up on a rock and stop sometimes due to slow speed. today was no execption.
click on it to see what i mean

the obligtory ppic of dog lake as i pass on to the correct mill D trail this time.

come outta dog lake the trail is very loose gravel and big water bars. it is climb-a-ble if you want to bust a gut. going down is very slick on the gravel.

mill d is a combo of open meadows and rock/water bars/roots. it is fun but you have to keep a sharp lookout for hikers.

i was happy to have front suspension as many parts are rough. i think the jet9 would be perfect for this desent.

on the way down i always am tempted by this broken pipe showering out mountain cold river water onto the rocks. today i took my helmet off and soaked it and my head and feet in the chilly water. i would have been thee longer but i still had to get home.

its slow going on wasatch on a singlespeed, but the easy high cadence spin make for a good long warm down and good synergy for spin.