Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two mountains and broken eggs

6am early road ride with ryan up emigration. nice easy pace up the hill. ryan sees the top and turns on the heat right at the end. wasn't even gonna try cause i had another two hour ride planned at 8am.

so the second part i was supposed to ride with trigirl, but she got called into work. so i had to go solo. not very motivated after that, but i wanted at least 2.5 more hours in the saddle. just a quick ride up millcreek road then and pipline down.

i noticed that one of my eggbeaters was cracked and coming off. so i stole one off of the jet9 and set this one aside to weld back together.
the trusty steed rode great today, even though the rear shifter cable streched and i did not have the big gear in back.....ehh like i use it these days anyways.

here is the control deck for my ride. kinda unorthodox, but comfy.

pipline is dry and getting really rutty from all the noobies skidding before the turns.
will ride up corner canyon with brady tomorrow.