Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little cottonwood quarry trail

today is my easy day. figured i would take a leisurely ride down wasatch to little cottonwood quarry trail and ride up in easy gears. its fun coming down.

sign...i don't know why i take pics like this unless i am trying to convince readers i was really there. these pics do make a good starting plaque.

the ride out to the trail was uneventful and good weather. cept for the pesky road guys that would slowly catch me then zoom past only to slow down again. makes me feel bad for passing even on my easy day. seems like i was ave.18mph and these guys still have the macho to pass then can't keep that measly pace. this tri-guy did it over and over. and with not enough speed to make it an interval. he looked wrecked by the time we got to the canyon.
here is a strange view. yup i got a new sram xo rear derailleur for the white jet9 and got it running today again. this bike is a blast. when locked out it is very rigid. when you activate suspension it feels way more than the 3"x3" front and back. the CVA rear triangle(yes thank you i had something to do with that)is just amazing on the bumps and really performs magic while climbing.
the lowers had its usual sandy start. but somewhere higher(i did not get a pic) there is a house right on the trail and the owner put pea gravel on the trail. it is about one foot deep and it is like hitting the brakes. really hard to pedal thru and about 200 yards long. you can tell it is not the kind of rocks from the local area and way to uniform to happen by nature. someone is going to fall and get hurt, then sue this guy for polluting the trail.
this is what the trail is looking like right now. in the pic is looks deceptively non steep and smoother than it is. very gravely/loose with pockets of sand.
this part i got rejected twice so i moved on. lack of wpeed was the problem the first time. then the pockets of sand in between the rocks was the second. you just get stuck in there and the rear tire just spins spins spins.
about halfway down i was accosted by about 15-20 freeride guys all on long suspension bikes and helmets. then 10 seconds later the second group of the same and same numbers passed too.
i can bet they started up at the illegal trail and where dh-ing the upper part of the trail that is blocked off.

the ride down was fun and i really had to watch my speed as the jet9 was eating the ground at a fairly fast rate compared to being fully rigid. using the "michelin at xc" up front proved to work super on the sandy stuff and floated well. the" ird fire29er xc" was a little over inflated on the rear but bit in sufficient to get me up. both tires were dangerous when crossing water then getting on rocks. both tires felt slow on the street as well.

up top is the ruin.
same ride back home. my front derailleur slipped down a bit and was rubbing...more maintenance....

tomorrow i get my new 29er access frame to be my single speed. should be fun switching everything over with the jenson usa frame, but i think i may need some extra parts to make it work....