Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long track in the sun

rode the SS jenny today. i am kinda going miss this frame. other than the 26" rear tire it handles well, light enough without having light parts and is reliable. but mostly fun to ride.

i can really throw a lot of torque into this bike and it moves forward, or i should say up. up the hill.

rode four 20 minute intervals at just below LT. the first as usual felt great and had me thinking why do i even need to workout if i feel this great. rushed up to the gate from the stop sign in 21 minutes. a bit fast. but i was "feeling it". next interval was as expected. had me doubting why i am doing this. it didn't hurt so much as it taxed the legs.
on the way up i noticed they tried to trim the edge of the road. this was the best trim. the rest was barley even touched.
the third interval hurt. it hurt legs, back and arms. i am not weak, but standing and pedaling up steep hills is hard after the second minute. after 15 minutes you are done. right at twenty minutes you are ready to trade anything for this to stop.

the forth and final abuse, i mean interval started off not to bad. i could "not" have done this workout last month in this gear(32x20).
i felt progression and it bathed me in its glory. well...for a brief instant, then it hurt all the way up. i almost got to the point of leg cramping and i was up on fluids and electros...

i took pipeline down every time not to waste workout time and sharpen riding skills. naw, its a fun trail...
except for the last part that all the newbies are tearing up by skidding. there is now a one foot trench and the water bars are dislodged from these crackers ruining the trail.
the big "V" in the rattlesnake gulch part of the trail is not fun.
its hard enough to climb, but now its no fun coming down too!! whistler gets similar abuse from the little kid wankers who skid before every turn and jump. large speed bumps are build up and ruts. yuck!!

anyways my new 29er frame is still stuck somewhere between fed-ex and my house. it did not show up today either....ho-hum...

i am sending in my two broken egg beaters to crank brothers. they have always treated my very very well in the past, i hope these get replaced quickly.