Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday night ride with bikepeddler.

after riding 3 1/2 hours this morning up the mountain and around little big water trails, i decided to do a single speed night ride at south deer fork in provo.

was going to be a recreational pace and fun. which it was. except it felt more like one of those 'mike eschear" drawings that you are always going up hill and never down. i mean there was some down, but it felt like we where climbing way more.

it had rained the day before and the trail was tacky, but not muddy. the climbs were 1-2 miles and had their share of embedded rocks and roots that were very slick still.
this made climbing in a 32x20 gear tough as too much torque was applied and the rear tire did a lot of spinning.

here is the new access single speed. a complete write up tomorrow.
the trail ranged from tight gouged in single track to just a bit wider. with lights at night it is a little trickier especially if you haven't ever done the trail before.

why is bikepeddler putting on pantyhose?
ryan for got his panyhose and had to go bare legged the whole way. it was chilly at night. something like 40-50 degrees is cold in the middle of summer.
lights on helmets were a must. i borrowed one from SS ryan.
well cowboys lets saddle up and ride!!

after the ride some guy in the parking lot just killed an elk and took the parts he wanted to eat. is this yummy to you?

ok so the ride was fun even in too hard of a gear. i was just right warmth wise in my team jacket and leg warmers.


thursday ride report

first off i am being scolded for not having enough pictures of me and the dogs in my blog. so here we are.
one of me being a poseur in the living room.
thursday a quick up and back to doglake with no less the dogs.

it was cloudy when we left, which soon became thunder and lighting show much to the dismay of the husky. he is very afraid of thunder and stuck by my side the whole way instead of running in front.

the only diversion was when a big two year old moose with furry antlers was eating some leaves just twenty feet off the trail. of course the dogs wanted to run over and say "hi ya".

ms. moose just shook his big head and walked away.
it started downpour when we got almost back tot he car. here we are hiding under a big conifer staying dry till it let up some..