Monday, August 17, 2009

Pics and review if the Access 29er from Performance bike shop

so this bike frame was 79.99 on sale at performance.

going to replace my jenson u.s.a. converted 26" single speed frame.
this is how its comes in the mail. nicely boxed

the 17" frame is good because the downtube and top tube are welded into a gusset. the head tube takes a cane creek zero-stack headset which was included along with the derailleur hanger and a seatclamp.

plenty of room on the rear stays for big tires
there are weld cooling holes everywhere on this bike. i will be plugging these with clear caulking to keep the frame from filling up with mud.

i was able to fit a scwhallbe racing ralph 2.4 on front and back. very nice for a single speed. you can see lots of extra room left over.
big space.
there is a caution sticker but i could not read it.
ahhh ....what manual, i did not get a manual.
yes aluminum frame.
good welds throughout the frame.

mine is a 17". the geometry is actually quite good. a bit shorter in the top tube than the vassago, but i can deal with that.
made in china or tiwain.....
here it is built up mostly with leftover parts. i am running my racing wheels as i did not have others to put on. weight is right at 21.01 pounds. the frame came in at 3.35 pounds.
cheap avid mechanical brakes. f29 fork, raceface xc evolve cranks, 8" rotors, flegeal bars, thompson stem, sette seatpost, rever seat. candy pedals.

ok so the ride report. took it out the night before and it ran great. no surprises and a sharp snappy feel. the geo is upright and rails the corners like a xc racing bike. a slight amount of tail wag, but not enough to make the tires touch. over bumpy terrain it soaked up the vibration very well. gonna blame the oversize downtube and construction. it is fairly thin walled, but it works.

paint is flawless, with no overspray or voids. seems like a durable finish as well. for a single speed conversion this is a really great bike and a steal at this price.

it is close enough to the niner frame that i was look at, minus the ebb, which will be coming next month.

other soon future changes besides dropping the silly tensioner, is a dual front chainring along with a dual rear cogs. running a 32/36 front and a 24/20 rear will give me some choices and keep the chain length the same. a climbing gear, a real flat gear and two in between.