Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clarks TT for me today!!!

well a bit unfair to try a tt without much cardio work lately, but i was curious of where i am and how far i need to go.

first off i ran clarks trail on the single speed with two different gears. well not at the same time.
the first time up in a 32x22, then a 32x18. below is a pic of how i did that.

made my own dingle by putting a 1mm spacer between the rear gears. it worked good, but i have to slide the tensioner a bit over when i switch gears or it skips under pressure.

the bike performed wonderful and was quite the ride on the way down as well.
here is where i started the time for the tt.
here is the end.
the trail is single track on the side of a mountain and mostly shaded. it starts off not too steep and rolls for a little while, without ever really getting flat. the end is rolling steep and steeper.
both times i went out too fast in the begining and heartrate climbed too high. had to back off and that hurt my time. the last 1/4 of the trail gets hilly and will shoot cardio to the sky. i had to back way off then.
my times where 11:14 in the 32x22 gear. rode down and without resting rode a 11:02 in a 32x18 gear. i know for sure that i can take a minute off if not more time in the bigger gear. cardio must improve first.

i could have done a lower 9 minute in january when my fitness was higher, but snow was thick still and thats not going to happen in the snow.