Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two rides and a long day

the started early. too early as i got up at 5am to make the 6am thursday morning ride. it was supposed to meet at mill D and ride up the road to gurdsman pass and down spine back to mill D.
well...that would have been fine if i hadn't gotten all the way to the canyon and forgot my shoes...doeh!!!!

so i rode up millcreek to dog lake as punishment. got home and took a nap.

the second ride i rode down wasatch down to the revolution shop for a team ride.

more wasatch bike lane
accidentally got the bike guy in the shot.
there where six of us riding uo to little cottonwood canyon to do quarry trail.
easy pace with no drops wo there where many regroups. fine with me as it was my easy day as well. this is janelle our trail leader. here she is guarding a fork in the trail making sure nobody gets lost.
not here, but on another rocky part of the trail, tall heather did a 1mph tip over on to her back. i told her it is usually me who does that and not to worry. she was more concerned with a possible broken finger, but it was just hurt not broken.

i somehow did not get any more it was a fun ride anyways. had to high tail it home as it was getting dark. made it back right at 9pm.