Thursday, August 27, 2009

Short track, goatsheads, a million flats, new tires and bobsled

first some compliments to crank brothers, i cracked the wings on my eggbeaters and they replaced them right away no problem. anytime i have had to deal with them they have been great about getting it replaced fast.

new eggy weggies

it is officially goatshead season. although not as bad as cali, they are here too. i found a great place for a short track and the last two days took different bikes to do intercval for an hour. the laps are 3 minutes long and have up and down hills. problem is that yesterday both my bike had a million flats. even the tubless ones. the stans has dried up!!

so i put new tubes in them and broke my plastic tire levers. better here than on the trail. no worries these are old and the plastic got too hard. plus the tires were tight.
ahhhwwwww flatty.
at the same time i got in six new tires to try out on a secrete don't tell anybody mission.
the first is a mythos xc II 2.1 the "R' is for rear.
nice tread and i was excited to try these out. fairly wide for a 2.1 too.
i got two wtb weirwolf 2.55 for the single speed. these are gonna replace the scwalbe racing ralphs 2.4 for a while. they are a bit heavier, but less prone to tearing. not that i had that problem with the RR's
dna rubber compound...ummm...ok
the knobs are kinda small like the RR's, but in a different pattern. gonna run the front this way and the back opposite for bite.
this is the mythos xc II F 2.1. "f" is for front.
nice tread too. looks fast.
i also got in another ird fire29er xc pro 2.1 as my other one went to brady so he could race the snowbasin 50K.
knobs on top of knobs. super grippy and fast for the amopunt of grab it has.

well the rear mythos came off the bead and had a bubble in the morning. bummer.

the front had a bubble in the sidewall. contacted them and they said these were old stock and prone to falling apart. the new ones are much better. hmmmm i really want to try these out. they looked good for 2.1's

today i headed out on the street over to BST starting at the zoo entrance. got a late start after changing back to a RR 2.4 front and a rampage 2.35 back. this is acually a fast combo for the jet9. big float and speedy design at most psi's
i climbed up dry creek only to find a ton of wasp's half way up on the trail. they were camped out and swarming very angry. i suck it up, shifted up a couple of gears and screamed passed them. only got a couple of bites. it could have been way worst. it was thick with them there.
danger averted i continued to climb and rode BST happily without much traffic. it was hot and dusty.
dropped into bobsled and was appauled at the hugh rut in the middle of the trail from skidding and rainfall. it made the upper part of the trail very unhappy. the lower was in a little better shape, but you still have to keep an eye out for the ruts.

i had all intentions of clibing back up and doing it again, but noticed my front cannondale left carbon fork had worked itself a little loose and was slightly knocking. i returned to BST via streets to popperton park and rode home. oh yeah saw doug and his woman finishing some roadie stuff right before the BST trail.