Monday, August 31, 2009

I was moved

I cried watching this........Graciella is so beautiful and sad at the same time........i felt the knife of sorrow as it cut deep into me.....

Long portrait of Graciella Longoria, on the first anniversary of her father's death in a car accident. Brooklyn. June 2009

Up Big Cottonwood to Solitude track, little knee pain

on my way to building more saddle time and the possible "D-epic" ride in two weeks i decided to ride up big cottonwood canyon and do the solitude race track a couple of times.

another part of this next couple of weeks is starting to wear a backpack again. i have been pack-less to put less stress on the knee.
so here i is little pack with only 2 liters of water and a few bandaids just in case.

rode the jet9. i am very pound to show you the sunflower weed plant that i planted from seeds i got last fall from a flower i found. see my little yellow flower!!!!
another shot of me and my flower!
threw on my doggies bear bell that she wears while we do K-9 search and rescue. it the yellow thingy on the bars. just rying to warn hikers that i'ma coming down the trail.
a good shot of my elbow cruzing down wastach.
other side of my elbow. seems that readers are interested in the color of my anatomy, so here ya go.
here i am spinning up big cottonwood canyon. its 14 miles to the top. starts off not to bad, then gets steep, then regular, then steep, then it gets easier, then regular.
i felt really really great. i kept a good fast cadence and seated most of the way up. stayed in the middle chainring, but used most of the gears up and down. heart rate was around 150, so not working too hard. fitness is coming back!! felt like i was sailing up the mountain.
the canyon is beautiful in the summer with the river raging just a little bit to the right.
early this year the city paved another 2-3 feet of bike lane, which is great. but they only did it on the uphill side and not on millcreek or little cottonwood.
got up to solitude resort. did two laps of the short race track and started to head up towards guardsmans pass for some more hill work.

some where between going up the canyon and the race track my bad knee started to bother me again. so i skipped more hill work and headed down the hill and home.
this is the resort at solitude. looks like a nice enough place.
all the way home my knee got more sore. i took it way easy and even did some left leg solo workout. this really bums me out as i do not need to re-strain my knee again in the same year and take even more time off......hmmmff. gonna invest in some shoe pad shims and try that route. no riding for 3-4 days.