Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pictures of the biggest bug you have ever seen!!

so i am riding on pipeline with the dogs at a nice slow speed and i have to ride around this rock in the middle of the trail, but i can't cause the rock i crawling......huh...

yes it was moving, so i stop and take a closer look. it is a ginormous bug. a beatle to more exact. i pick him up and he is about 3 inches long. we decide to have a photo shoot and here are the pics.

first a side view. he was a nice rootbeer color with semi yellow fur.
i little close up of that beautiful face. nice armor too.
look at the wait....antenna's on him.
great neck thorns and some of that yellow belly fur. bugs have fur?
double mandibles and mouth pinches. if this guy was any bigger i would need my dog to scare it away.