Sunday, September 6, 2009

Park City Point to Point

volunteered for the park city point to point race this weekend as my knee is acting up and i am not ready to race at this distance yet. i didn't take a lot of pic, but i got a few.

race started at seven am. it was a simple line up and a quick loop around round valley. most of the top guys went out fast. the rest just went at their own speed and had fun. there is a lot of steep climbing and great single track here yet to come

the back of the starting line.

as usual in our local races, monavie/cannondale gets out early and goes to the finish. i think this is alex grant, but the sun shining makes it hard to see.

this is brandon? he was up there in the top five

jeff kerkove came from colorado. i had a quick word with him after the race, he said there has been too many races for him lately and kind lost some steam midway thru. he still finished strong and from when he passed me was really moving.
i like this idea of strapping a water bottle cage to the top tube. i have a couple of bikes that only have one bottle mount. as long as your balls don't hit it on your dismount seems like a good idea.
yuki another endurance junky came with jeff and sonya. he placed high up and was charging on the course.

those shots was my first assignment. to make sure cars did not run over the racers as the trail crossed the street. there was a road race happening at the same time. they passed seconds right before the first mountain biker crossed the road. it would have been like bike demolition derby!!

after round valley the riders were sent along and to the southern part of the park city trail system. there are many trails that i want to ride here and will eventually get to. some rain loomed in the distance and some fell on them. not much, but enough to slow things down a bit. it stop after 20 minutes.

here is a panoramic view of my second assignment.
the racers came riding down that dirt road and down another to the first aid station and right to some steep climbing.
i twisted the camara a bit and got a weird angle. click on it to see a bigger view.
i hung out at aid station 2 after that, revolution bike shop owner good guy ryan was playing course mechanic. boy he is good. did some super fast bike repairs and chain oiling.

i got to also see first hand other peoples aid station drama. the guys that whipped in and out without barely slowing down or getting off their bikes. the guys that layed their bikes down in the middle of the trail and walked around as they ate and drank like the race was over. the ones that were deeply contemplating quitting, but got back on the bike and rode off. all the females looked strong and professional.
sonya loony took a spill and had a big swollen bump on her thigh. that is going to hurt tomorrow.
another rider came in face all cut up from a recent fall. the guys right in front of him said they where going 40mph and this guy passed them on a downhill like they where standing still. yup he fell.
i was amazed at what some people ate. i could not stomach half the stuff there and ride. i really have to eat good foods that count for energy!!

i then moved to the finish line at the canyons resort. a band stage was set up and some classic rock band was at it. many riders came trickling in and most looked tired, but happy.

kenny finish strong on a spot brand belt drive single speed. i snapped a few pics of his rear tire clearance to remind myself that i do not want one of these frames anymore. i still dream of a belt drive frame, just not a steel one and not a heavy one. my access 29er frame is really close.

pua sawick finish in the top riders and was killing the course when i saw her. a look of total determination on her face. she must be in tremendous cardio shape.

the day took a lot more out of me than i thought and i felt burnt by the end. i wanted to stay later, but opted to get home and eat dinner.
it was good experience to be on the other side of the race fence and learned a few things.
one of them is a lot of racers use xt cranks instead of xtr. my jet9 would have been perfect for this course, especially with the bigger tire combo i am running right now.
more people are embracing the 29er race bike. and guys on rigid single speeds can and will kick your ass on a hard race. i saw three that day who were brutal.

the course was laid out great and well marked. i didn't hear any complaints only compliments. they put on agood race and next year will be better. see you there!!!!