Thursday, September 17, 2009

Made my own single speed dingle

had some custom stainless steel cogs made for me so i can run a dual cog on my single speed. now that sounds a bit odd or wrong, but it makes sense. i have a flat gear for getting to the trail and a trail gear for the rest of the time.

i found out that super spinning out in my trail gear took too long to get anywhere and running a bigger gear on the trail had me walking too many hills. the solutions a dingle.

32x24 and 36x20 are my two ratios. i can run the same size chain and switch between the two under a minute. now this is not gear switching bonanza. i am still running the gear i brought attitude, just a little more efficiency. i can even cross chain and get another gear 32x20. so three gear options total.

the two gears in their shiny glory.

the splines are nice and wide to save my cassette body.
here they are mated up on the hub. my spacers worked out perfect and got a good chain line as well

looking good
still using the tensioner as money is getting diverted into the cyclocross venture right now, but an ebb is in the works.
up front running dual chainrings as well.32t inside and 36t outer

while futzing around with gears i found this steel granny gear, so i threw it on the vassago for winter thrashing in the ice and salt. the xtr granny will go on the shelf until next race season.