Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Early snow ride, should have used the pugsley

got up to little water trail thinking i was gonna go up to dog lake real quick like in some patchy snow. but nooooo..... there was 6" of snow and it was 33 degrees(1 Fahrenheit).

the weirwolf 2.4 where no much for the sticky utah powder. rear tire was justa slipin and a slidin somethin offal. aired down to 15psi and still wound up hike a bike half the time. after about a mile i just turned around to put parts back on the pugsley.

clutch saw the snow and got real excited, she loves the snow!!

the shimano winter shoes where perfect. luckily i brought warm clothes and from last winter had my $hit down.
took a couple of pics of this orange firey snow covered menage.
some how auto stitch didn't put ti together right. kinda arty.

the snow will melt pretty quick so if ya wants some get up there on your cross bike.