Saturday, October 3, 2009

no cyclocross for me. so pugsley in the snow

cyclocross bike is still waiting on brakes and shifter levers. so no race today.

got the pug rolling today and out on the snow. it was fairly tramped down going up little water trail until i got to great western tral, then it was softer. the pug was perfect as on the way down it got really slushy. this bike is a joy to ride except for the wide "Q" factor.

steep and soft snow. ya really got to lean back and get the rear tire down to 12 psi to get the fat rubber to bite on this.
some down trees and bushes with the new snow and winds we had. i will go back tomorrow to cut this tree off the trail. chop chop
some patches are already forming, but not fast.

pano of one of the valleys as you head to park city. i made it to the overlook without too much trouble. its still tricky riding in snow and there where a few comical fobbles off the trail.
many deer tracks, but no moose. they are further towards "deer valley". imagine that, moose in deer valley.

i will be dusting off the studded tires for the vassago next, but no hurry as this snow will melt fast and then we will see a repeat.