Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little cottonwood canyon reconnaissance quarry trail

cobes and i decided to ride over to little cottonwood canyon to look at what we already new was going to be a still snowed in trail. and it was.....

but i needed a ride before the weekend of medium effort and it was such a NICE!!!! day. did i mention the weather? sunny skies, warm temps(68 degrees) and just a few riders out. female ones at that. but the sad truth was that everybody was passing me as i was huffing and puffing.

but it was still one of those days that put a smile on yer face and can be exaggerated to your grandkids many years in the future how much better life was.

we headed south on wasatch, then meandered a bit after big cottonwood canyon thru the neighborhoods. with such nice weather, it doesn't really matter were you go as long as you are riding.

eventually we made it to little cottonwood.

here cobes went around the still locked gate. that is the first indication that the trail is still snowbound.
under my decision(or whining however you want to see it) we rode up the road instead of the trail and with in 400 yards of the begining of the trail there is snow and wet wet sand. unless you have a pug under you, its not too ridable.

here is a nice pano of what we saw.

the ride back was more of the same nice stuff.
although one note. cobes had slick roadie tires on his cross bike and i had cyclocross knobs and 29er wheels on my cx bike. so while he coasted, i pedaled my a$$ off and he still pulled away from me.
so on the way back while he broke the wind(or broke wind) i drafted and it almost seemed equal. although i am still out of shape.

good ride. its good not to work today, but money is hurting.

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Sandblogger said...

S,posed to rain here this weekend. I'm looking forward to the trip!