Monday, March 29, 2010

Back in the saddle again...or I humble myself with pain

after a couple of easy flat rides this week i gave myself the "ok' to go for a ride due to my knee only being sore and not hurting. great news. yes.

so first off i had to choose a route and then a bike. those who know me and my stable of bikes know what i am talking about.
i chose a simple short mountain ride and of course it was going to be millcreek as that is where i am. but then which bike. the fixed gear and downhill bike where obviously out. the pugsley although has the gears would present too much tire weight for an easy ride. the vassago 29er is temporarily missing parts. the cyclocross is only a 1x9 and not geared very low. the single speed is similarly not very appealing to my out of shapness. so that left the white jet nine.
yes a good choice. lots of gears, light weight(23 lbs), suspension that can be locked out to ride on the road and very stylish.

oh very stylish indeed. this bike always puts a smile on my face after a ride.

the plan is to ride up to the gate and then down on the road. simple, easy and i can turn around at any point if it hurts.

took me a while to find the appropriate apparel as i have not been riding in a while. but it was all there in the back of the drawer. pump up the flat tires and away i went. or so i thought. had to go back and get sunglasses as it was quite sunny and warm. all the way up to 38 degrees. it felt like 80 to me.

i added a few shamrocks to the frame for some irish-ness.....

after a short and clumsy warm up i got down(or up) to business. planning on keeping heart rate around 160 proved impossible. i was at 175 during warmup with no indication of going lower. as i got up the mountain the usual steep hills that i did my repeat intervals on felt like vertical walls. and the false flats(because they are slightly steep) felt tough. i can usually rest and get my wind there no matter how hard i go out, but no resting there today.

muscle wise i was not to bad, but i allowed myself any gears that would be comfortable and i used mostly the lower ones. cardio was the problem. even though i have been swimming twice a week, my heart was holding me back, not muscle strength. in fact i felt like i could have gone up on my single speed 32x18.

it hurt, but not too bad. i made it from the stop sign to the gate in 37 minutes. wow what a difference lower gears make. i was doing this in an average of 22 minutes before and a best of 18 minutes. no problem, the important thing is that the knee has no original pain and only slight soreness from being drilled on. i must admit that part is healing slowly. slower than i have hoped for. but i do see progress.

another thing is that from not riding and doing some swimming my upper body mass has really gone up and i've gained 12 pounds of muscle. could almost call it fat, but i still can see ribs and my pecs are HUGE. well to me they seem to be.
alas i will drop all my new found upper body as soon as i get back to regular riding as my fast metabolism gets me everytime.

here is the gate for you cross country skiers. lots of snow left all the way up to the yurt. and we got more snow coming tomorrow. alta ski resort is still going strong i have heard.

so with high hopes i can return slowly to riding/training and seeing all of you back on the trails. racing this year will be a wash. i might do a few, later in the summer and then start up in the mens "B" cyclocross. but it is knee pain dependent. and we all know not to rush a healing knee.