Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Botanical medicinal hike today

i somehow missed last spring as the plants are awaking and sprouting towards the sun. i was reminded by a daily reader that i have not paid enough attention to plants, so i took an small group of hikers to the bonniville shore trail to scout for early plant nub growings.

this area of the trail beginning at the zoo is a bit dry and wind swept for good medicinal plants, but it was the most convenient for all and my area is still covered in snow. right from the start you can find "couch grass", which is a common enough grass that you can use for kindey distress or painful urination. chop the rhizomes up and boil for 20m mins. i also call this "dog grass" as chewing the blades will calm the upset acid stomach of you dog

i also found some dandelions or cankerwort. pour boiling water over the leaves and steep for 30 mins. strain and let cool. this is good for upset stomach, liver, kidney functions and gout. no pics, ya all know what it looks like. yellow flower and a grass weed as it so commonly known.

this looks like comfrey, but the color is a bit off and the plant still to young. it has been a while since i have seen it. so we will have to wait on it to flower.

this little guy is only good to make you yak!!! it is so bitter that even my dog would not eat it. the leaves or root is so bitter that keeping it down is not even possible somewhat toxic too.

yellow dock.
here it is just starting up

yellow dock or curly dock is a good blood purifier, skin calmer and iron deficiency. chop up root, boil gently for 15 mins and strain. let cool till its warm and drink.

for skin application, boil root strips for 20 mins in brown vinegar then mix that with a gel(vaseline) then add 1/2 teaspoon of sulphur.

i will try to get more plant stuff on here this year as i seem to know too much of this stuff for my own good. might as well share the wealth. and this area was inhabited by indians, so that is a good indication that eatible and medicinal plants are around.