Thursday, April 1, 2010

14" more snow fell today.

woke up this morning to even "more" snow. there is about 2 feet of fresh powder total in my backyard right now.

packed up the dogs and went for a hike up millcreek road past the gate. thinking the XC skiers were not gonna be digging the deep powder, but they just groomed the road and people were already on it getting their work out.

nice little autostich of the road.

clutch did her usual "hey i smell something here" right turn.

the way she creeped up on it made me think it was alive.

after a minute of digging she pulled out a black glove. i left it hanging on the gate as we left. her nose is good i tell ya!!!

fairly easy hike up to the elbow with poles to get thru the snow and take weight off the knee on the way down. short and sweet as today is my easy day. gonna try to swim intervals tomorrow.