Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boniville trail hill extrvaganza

took the doggies up to bonniville trail from the zoo parking lot. trail was dry and fun. wanted to explore some of the trails just above this area. i have only done two so far.

so if you cross along the trail there will be off shoots going up the mountain to the tops. i started taking these.

here is the first junction. everybody know where this is. just want to show that it was a very warm 48 degrees and clear.

so all these trail are pretty much the same. the meander very innocently for a short while.....then "BAM" it gets really really steep. feels like 45 degrees, but my computer said it was 23-27 degrees. ok, but steep enough where you would rather crawl up than hike.

i don't usually see the husky stop, but even he was saying" hey, this is tough".
i pretty much pedaled all the hills except for one where it was especially loose gravel and lost traction. very much like puke hill, but steeper if you can imagine that.
six new trails i did before packing it in and going back. i made full use of my lowest granny gear today. and glad i had it.

of course coming down was a blast and i had the lucky white jet9 so it was very plush.