Thursday, April 15, 2010

just needed to post this.

Easy ride at lambert trails, with way to much gabbing in between

meet up with bikepeddler, bill(no longer "retro") and christian B. carpooled with cobes. lambert is fun because it is a series of inter connecting loops, easy short climbs and swoopy twisting little berms.

a very relaxing ride, with group catchups and $hit talking from the guys. it fit good in my schedule as cobes and i already rode yesterday and i will be riding with matt juth tomorrow.

bill and bikepeddler caught in mid story.
christian the science teacher who self admittedly blows things up.

ehhhh??? "you talking to me!!!"
aussie ted and helmetless friend showed up after awhile, but we lost them as they were hyped to ride yet another wonderful sunny day. later we caught up with chad and neil, of course stoped to talk with them. blah blah blah.

cobes just had to have wings, so we drove down to wings-r-us(or something like that) and had a wing feast, with yet even more story telling and gabbing.
i ordered the garlic pepper hoping to not get some wing that were too spicy. the guy brings our food and right away all our eyes started watering and i said to cobes that ordering the extra supa hotty sauce was killing me.

well it wound up being my garlic wings that was the tear jerkers. somehow i got wings so pungent that even getting then close to your face would cause massive crying and nostril burning.
luckly they didn't taste as hot as they smelled. in fact taste wise they were not to different from cobes extra volcano fire and josh's XX hot irish guy wings.
made me think they just had one sauce and many taps with different names on them.
bill had the non-breaded ones, that looked just like ours. why label them that when they are the same?
more talking...blah blah blah. caught up on more UMB drama and laughs.

much fun and made me appreciate why i am here and why i ride. thanks guys.