Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Esign peak for lunch

met up with moondude for a lunch time ride from the capital building up ensign peak.

this trail has a lot of runners and is quite popular with the noon time crowd. the trail winds quite innocently and then starts its way up up up.

here mr. moondude is getting ready his steed
telling me that he just scored a carbon fiber titus racer x, this frame is soon to be changed out.
on the climb up i succumbed to granny gear and without really wanting too, got a little past LT heart rate and kept it there for a little while. there are a few less steep sections that your cardio can recover, but then its right back on the heat.

the hill is not long(unless your in granny gear) and we reached the top quickly.

this is a fantastic view from bountiful to draper on a clear day. autostich did its funny thing and made a few moondudes riding around. go ahead click on the pic.

the ride down is a rush!!! ya gotta be careful of the hikers coming up, but its still very fun thru all the turns and bumps.

we still had some time so we to a quick ride up city creek heading to BST. the jet9 and its 29er tires really shine on these embedded rocks. they seem to just float over them instead of into them.
the steepness is another thing. there are a few quite steep sections in the beginning. heartrate got up again, but now since i was more warmed up i could keep it at LT. seems like my 1-2 hour endurance has not all left me.

just up to the first flat and we rode down. again much fun. weeeeeeeee.

looks like rain tomorrow, so i will most likely just take the doggies hiking in the snow.