Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I like the

had to wait for the rain. huh? yes you heard me right i waited for it to rain before taking the doggies up the mountain today. ok i am irish and i like the rain!! decided to go hiking today instead of riding so i had to wait until the rain finally decided to come.

the drive up the mountain is uneventful.

until.....? huh? it started slushing really hard and it was only 44 degrees. somewhere on the way down rain turned into slush up on the mountain. oh well, not much of a problem and the kids, i mean dogs don't care.

it sure was hard to drive up the channels the tires left, becuse they were full with mini rivers and it really slowed down the car. if you tried to drive on the slush the truck even in 4x4 would go all over the place.
got to the gate and it stopped slushing. to my surprise with all the hot weather and rain the millcreek gate was starting to melt. well it was only melted for about 1/4 mile, then it was all snow again.
here is the first part after the gate.
made it up the the elbow and got a pic of the end of pipline. still has snow on it, so no bike riding yet.

sashade my way back down the slush rode and got back home. an easy out and back with poles.