Thursday, April 22, 2010

4 1/2 hour ride today

was only planning a four hour ride, but somehow got an extra half hour in there.

plan is to keep HR around 150/160 and kruz......headed out wasatch to draper and meandered along the streets.

rode the cx bike with about 45psi in the tires for a comfy ride.

found this nicely paved stretch of road, which proves that they can make a road smooth, not all rough and bumpy and full of pot holes.

seems like we got more snow last night. draper had snow down to BST, but it was melting fast.

from draper i rode 1300 east to the avenues and then to memory grove and up to city creek.
from here i had the choice of riding up to bst on the trail or going up city creek road. i went up the road to the top.
the way i did not go.
then i doubled up along 11th avenue to poperton park and jumped on BST. rode that to the zoo and over parleys back home.

i could have ridden a few more hours as my legs and wrists were doing good, but my bum bum was kinda sore. this bike is the only one i still have a specialized rival and not a san marco rever. the rever fits me better and i will have to put one on this bike as well.

i then had a knee doctors appointment and he gave me the go ahead to start riding whatever i want as long as i don't have pain. my soreness is normal from the surgery and is lessening every week so far. i still have a conservative schedule, but todays ride gave me great hope of getting some endurance back this year. gonna try at least one long easy ride a week.