Saturday, April 24, 2010

New DT Swiss 1450 wheelset for the cyclocross bike!!

got a barely used dt swiss wheelset from a daily reader that just got them and won't be using 'em.
he noticed from my blog that i was still running my 29er wheels on the cx bike and wanted to give them to me.
well ok, thanks mr. X.
the only consolation is that not to mention his name as his wife will fry him for how much he paid for them and giving them away. ok, i can do that.

i threw on some cheap kenda clinchers that were on my fixie and away i went this morning up millcreek road for two half hour LT workout.

just keep HR at 170 and get up to the gate in a reasonable time.

here is the magic pony. really digging this bike now!

yes magic cause i knew the slicks plus lighter/stiffer wheels were gonna be more efficient, but holy smokes batman!!! these thing just fly up the hill.

at 1450 grams for both wheels and nifty flat aero spokes these are da bomb. well its been awhile since i have been on road racing wheels with slick and forgot how fast they can be.

i flew up the hill easy as can be and got to the gate in 32:06 first time and 32:22 second time without trying too hard.
i really got cooking on the downhill as well. i just gotta say that the frame with the gel inserts make this an amazingly comfortable ride. even the tires pumped up to 100psi were under control and smooth on the rough road going down.

the gate is still closed, but the snow is melting. i got about a mile uppast the gate before reaching the snow this time.

still running a 11-34 mtb rear cassette and xtr rear derailleur, along with my downhill cranks. will be switching with a compact crankset when i find one cheap enough.
the fronts are straight laced and stiff!!!
i really like this wheelset for climbing. this is where they shine IMO. good cause we got all sorts of hills, i mean mountains!!

gonna go to corner canyon tomorrow and check out the trails to see how they have dried out. we have been getting some light snow the last couple of nights that have melted quickly during the day.