Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Four hour ride just before the storm

rode from millcreek on the road to city creek to meet up with moondude lunch time ride starting from the capital building. headed to bst from there. climbing was better as i was already warmed up for the steep trail beginning.

i noticed these sidewalk switch backs from the capital building over looking memory grove. they look interesting and i havn't ever noticed them before. gonna do some interval workout there soon. they look fun and steep.

look closely straight ahead. click on pic, its easier to see.

heart rate was pretty much kept at 170 for the climbs, but i did feel stronger. i thought it was the longer warm up, but more likely i am getting back some cardio.

legs felt strong today!! in fact so strong i broke my new chain. kind of a mystery since this is a new chain and new cassette on this bike. just lubed it the other day and it looked clean still. no rust. i just pulled out my trusty all in one multi tool and fixed it. but then i noticed that i did not thread the chain thru the front derailleur.......DOH!!!!!!

well mike nad i then decided to just pull apart the sram master link, only i didn't bring my usual needle nose pliers and the link was stuck. we took turns pulling and mike finally got it apart and it was fixed

along bst until we dropped down dry creek and then we doubled back. there were many riders in both directions, but not as bad as any weekend. coming back up dry creek there is a small rocky steep uphill and has some loose rock right now. i picked an easy line, but somehow got pushed over to a harder one and was fully commited or get off and walk.
stubborn as i am and a true believer in 29er float over rockology. i pumped harder, said a few curse words, used some major body english and got my slow butt over them rocks.
there were two female riders stopped at the top patiently waiting for me to crest this little climb. i had envisioned their look of awe as i easily climbed the rock garden, but i looked up and they looked more worried than awed.
i did prevail without dabbing or stopping and they both cheered 29er to my surprise.
the last rock jumped sideways and that put me one foot to the first rider. she put out her hand to give me a pull up and i "high fived" her instead passing and saying "thank you".
that surprised even myself as i was certain that i was going to fall into them, but taking my hand off the bars somehow corrected my failed trajectory and i went by with an evil grin.

there is another steep hill in the middle of bst that was weighing heavy on my mind, but a very hardpack line was trampled down going up and it was much easier than i remembered.

got down bst the way we came and i left moondude to change back into work clothes and i continued my ride back up the mountain to home on the roads.

the wind had really picked up as a storm is coming in and a strong headwind was pummeling me all the way home. i just gear down a few and kept up a steady pace, think 7% grade for seven miles.
got home almost a little over four hours total, so i can call this my long ride for the week.

the whole time my legs felt strong, only at the very end was i starting to feel tired against the wind. the steep climbs that hurt me last week with endurance racer matt juth felt not as steep today, but cardio still kept me in the granny gears.

there is hope that this year will hold some long rides at the end of summer if i can keep this up. its fun just riding again and my mood has vastly improved.
life is great again. well....sitting my a$$ all winter on the couch playing xbox instead of working wasn't that bad either, but i would rather have been riding.