Thursday, April 29, 2010

One foot of powder+pugsly=good workout

got the doggies up on pipeline again today since we got another foot of snow. dogs went balistic when they saw how much fresh powder they had to play in. i think they love the stuff more than skiers/boarders.

broke out the surly, glad i didn't break it down for summer yet. see it shares some parts with my downhill bike and no need for a dh rig in winter around here.

pedaling thru all that pow is very hard. it was almost to the axles and took some "pay attention dude" to steer straight. much fun though. got a good solid hour in of 160 HR and eight intervals slightly over LT. good enough for today. gonna try and take tomorrow off.

tried some gummi bears as a trail snack and i don't think all that sugar agreed with my stomach. will try again soon.