Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Effortlessly effortless......

i didn't take any pics on todays ride so i will tell a joke instead of showing pics...

no really,

today was one hour of just zone three-four noodling around on wasatch and then right to work up millcreek canyon road.
going up millcreek was a hillclimb TT keeping right at LT for heart rate and getting a new time for the stopsign/gate on the cx bike with roadie wheels/tires.
ready.....it was 26:30. i know, i was just as surprised as you. the 1450 dt swiss wheelset is soooo effortless to ride, that time seems to slow. the bike again was really moving, even in the first hour warm up. going up millcreek the scenery was just wizzing by. then out of nowhere some roadie in a plain mustard yellow jersey and an unassuming bike passes me like i was standing still.

huh? the realization of how far back i have fallen from not riding set in. BAM! this was good race mental training as i stuck to the training plan and resisted sprinting and keeping up with mister plain jane. in one mountain turn he was gone and i did not see him until he turned at the gate and we crossed. the good point is he was only 400-500 yards ahead of me the whole time. he must have ego past me and then settled into my pace just ahead of me.
well that made me felt better, but not by much. its a long road to reclaim your past strength even though it was not even that high. i am feeling at about 30-40% of potential and moving up slowly every week. i do have a sinus cold right now as well and that might be holding me back as well. gonna have to try again next week when i feel better.

in a couple of weeks i should have a better idea which races if any that i might do this year. its pretty much throwing money away as i will not be competitive, just for fun. and i do have some bike parts still needed for the cx bike.
we will see. money is at an all time low due to really slow work.

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