Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rode to Ogden today.....

might be getting a job in ogden. so i packed up the CX bike with three 24 ounce water bottles and set out to find a smooth, traffic free route.

millcreek across foothill, drop down to downtown until i made a right at 300 west. then around the bend on breck. up to main and along main until it reaches highway 89, then to washington.

its not flat, but gently rolling long hills. i could stay in my flat gear up the hills and gear up on the descents. it is a fun enough route. i have to really watch traffic as people were constantly turning in front of me or pulling out of nowhere.

met a stiff head wind on the way out.
on the way back the dh crankset that i have not replaced yet, came loose and i had to tighten it. good thing i brought tools!!!

my other choice was to go out on legacy parkway, but after asking a roadie i caught up to, its windy and full of bugs. yuck!!

it took me 2:15:00 on the way out and the same on the way back. i could have made better time on the way home, but i miscalculated my electro-drink mix because the headwind made me work harder and had to drink plain water the last 1 1/2 hours. which in turn made me start to cramp up a little.
so i limped it home with a mental note to bring extra next time.