Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doggie lake is do-able

casually rode up millcreek canyon road in zone 3. this time it was easy to keep it there. then up little water trail to dog lake. the trail shade was very welcome as i felt the suns rays beating my spring time body with its warmth rather heavily today.

from the time of my knee surgery recently to now i felt weak in my cardio and slow progression. what i was not taking into consideration mentally is that as i was getting stronger i also was adding weight to my bike making it harder to ride.

on the theory that it is more efficient to let the bike carry the weight instead of having a backpack. after more than three hours my back would always start to hurt and i would get begin to get more tired.

this had nothing to do with bike conditioning, it was a slow tearing down of the body. my idea was to put as much as possible on the bike. now this makes sense. if you have 20 pounds of stuff on your back it cost you energy to just stand there holding it up against gravity. why not let the bike do that work and save your strength.

the only disadvantage is that when cornering the bike has a tendency to pull away some, but not a lot. certainly the amount of energy used to hold that back is way less than carrying the extra weight.

so here is the current jet9 weigh in at 36lbs and no backpack to carry.

the view from the top. notice the way too long rear brake hose. i am still using "the one" formula brakes from my downhill bike on this frame.

dog lake is clear up to the top. no snow or wet spots. get up there before july 4. the gate is still closed and us bikers have it all to ourselves. once the gate opens it will be over run with hikers and dogs.

it's dry and fast. i had too much psi in my front tire and washed out on one of the turns. skinned up the knee a little, but i am happy to report to my fanboys(and fangirls) the kit is ok.