Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hogs hollow to rush flow trail, up clarks and speedy down hoggys

bikepeddlers wednsday ride, which is my second ride for today. we had a good show of nine riders. cobes again, josh, jake, antnjk, khdi, ihkdsht,kjks, a few guys i can't seem to remember your names, sorry. good guys none the less.

hogs hollow starts with a mild fire road climb that lasts a little longer than you would want, but its over before you know it. tried to keep it slow as it was the warm up. jake took off and i followed with cobes on my tail. cobes magically turned into josh at the very end. that happened going up clarks as well.
couple of the guys today

a quick pee before we start. i know, i know there is no privacy when my camera is out.

we soon arrived at the top of the freshly reworked rush trail. the top consists of many long switch backs with jumps or large pump bumps just before the turns. that did not work too well for me or others. to get enough speed to even make it over these bumps, let alone catch air, makes you grab a handful of brake instantly to try and make the quick turn after it.

in all fairness there are kinda small berms that will get harder packed over time(they are like kitty litter right now) and that will help a tiny bit.

middle and lower the trail bumps and turns have less authority and it does flow a little better, but still you feel more like fighting the trail than flowing.

i am a master pump track rider/builder. this trail for a dh inspired concept is a bit of a stretch. it requires a lot of pedaling at the bottom ruling out the dh bikes and the shorter xc bikes are at a disadvantage going really fast over the jumps.
it should be labeled as a challenging super D trail.

so anyways, we wind up heading up to clarks via the silica pit. a rather nasty section with a deep "V" and very slippery steep climb. i got caught behind a granny gear rider and me not looking ahead in a big gear had to jump off and hoof it. no problem, i need to practice that anyways.

jake and i took off up clarks in hope of a time trial, clarks TT. i was on jake up until the midway point. feeling good at just a few beats above LT and in middle chain ring. but without too much of that heart rate training lately at midpoint of clarks i succumbed to an easy gear and got my heart rate two beats below LT, were i should have been to start off with.

total time for me was 14:15, which is pretty good for not being in shape yet. jake managed around 13:30.
i really could have matched jakes time, but would had to have lit too many matches and cost me too much.
clarks, i will be back with a vengeance. but the trail was lengthend and i had a prior best of 13:13. so my time was not too bad.

here is the group after doing clarks.
we got some "in and out" burgers and chocolate shakes afterward. yum yum.

Glenwild with the thursday 6 a.m. crowd

got my butt up early and met the guys at glenwild for some smack talking and riding. the parking lot was full of characters throwin it down verbally.
cobes, matt, moondude, clint, giant warp and zoso.

i have no idea what cobes is doing here?

clint appears to be praying to matt or just happy that he brought a pump
grins before the ride
micheal looking as tall as paul bunyan

i got one set of my eggbeaters back from the factory. they fixed a broken spring. so what do i do? got a very hard pedal strike and broke it again.

after not riding too much this week i was feeling very fresh. everybody else has been training hard and seemed a little tired.