Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mini epic, crest to mid mountain, up powerline to guadsmans.

cobes, retro bill and i decided on some mid mountain new reroute exploration today.

started way up on guardsman pass. after a short fast single track we go up puke hill. needs no explanation. just under a mile of steep gravelly fire road. since we started with it the warmup sucked. heart rate went sky high and had to walk the last 50 feet.

switched the carbon lefty with the fox f29. was having issues with tire rub. the f29 although more flexy inspires more confidence on the rough rocky stuff.
action shot of cobes racing down the crest. cobes is a very fast descender on a hardtail, but switched being the red lantern with me as of late. seems like training does pay off. i was able to climb most in middle chainring other than puke hill and spiro.
after dropping into park city and across mid mountain my rear cassette started chattering all loose like. so i left cobes and retro bill at the lodge and took a gondola to the bike shop to fix it.
my exciting ride....yawn, but a nice view. once at the bike shop i found that the little bitty pin that holds the cassette together had come loose. had to disassemble it and reassemble it one cog at a time. the little pin then screws into #6 cog, but it would not fit tight enough. so i had to switch #5 and #6 cog to get it together. made for wonky shifting but it held all the way home.
the reroute on mid mountain is a bit rough, dusty and needs much more riding and packing down. none the less it was fun and flowed. i look forward to riding it again. retro bill flatted a couple of times. this one was a hole though the top of the tire.
we made it to powerline in good time. powerline is a long steep climb. it has made grown men cry just looking up it, not to mention while riding. by now i was feeling good. legs and heart was working in good rhythm. climbing in lower gears allows for some sight seeing. this is some old heavy timber building that has deteriorated to the point of falling in on itself.
this part of powerline is just before shadow lake.
a neat little shadow lake.
well we made short work of the steep hill and back to guardsman pass where we started. lots of epic single track, fast flowy shaded mid mountain and steep long climbs. four and something hours and a lot of dusty legs.

very very fun ride today.